Spot Over SaltingImage of the Spot Over Salting Form

Spot Over Salting (SOS) is an easy-to-use online reporting form for community members to report any oversalting  that they see outside of businesses in their community.  Wisconsin Salt Wise will follow up to educate property owners about the impacts of oversalting and help empower them to make changes.

This is a pilot project for Dane County, Wisconsin and may be expanded to other counties in the future.

To report oversalting, use the Salt Wise SOS form linked below to upload your photo of the oversalting. Share the name of the business and drop a pin to indicate the location.

Report Oversalting


Please note: This program is designed for properties maintained by a contractor or business owner. If you see a resident/neighbor who is overusing salt, please have a conversation with them or use our outreach tools to leave a handout or door hanger. In the City of Madison, oversalted residential sidewalks can be reported directly to the City through their "Sidewalk Concerns" form.

WI Salt Wise Partnership: A coalition of organizations working together to reduce salt pollution in our lakes, streams and drinking water.