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If you see someone applying the correct amount of salt, make sure to thank them for their efforts. You can share positive messages on social media using the tag #saltwiseshoutout

Residents and organizations play a key role in helping to reduce road and water softener salt use and pollution to our waters.  Join us! Help spread the word and encourage neighbors and local businesses to take action to minimize salt use. It's easy. We have a variety of materials, articles, and other resources that organizations or groups can use or modify. 

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Correct Salt Application
Correct salt use
Incorrect Salt Application
Correct salt use Correct salt use

Key messages:

  1. Once you put salt down, it doesn’t go away. Instead, it travels into our lakes, rivers, streams and wetlands, putting aquatic life at risk and endangering our freshwater resources. It only takes one teaspoon of salt to pollute up to 5 gallons of water.
  2. Believe it or not, a 12 oz. cup of salt is enough to treat an entire 20-foot driveway or 10 sidewalk squares. Scatter the salt leaving space between the grains (as shown in the pattern on the cup).
  3. When pavement temps drop below 15°F, salt won’t work. Switch to sand for traction or a different ice melter (PDF) that works at lower temperatures.
  4. Hire a winter maintenance professional that has already been certified through the Winter Salt Certification Program or encourage your current applicator to become certified. If you see your favorite local business over-applying salt, ask them to talk to their applicator about certification and share this handout with them.

Tools to help spread the word:

Outreach Overview: An overview of outreach actions you can take. Please read this before using the resources linked below.Salt Wise Cups


WI Salt Wise Partnership: A coalition of organizations working together to reduce salt pollution in our lakes, streams and drinking water.