WI Salt Awareness Week: January 24-28, 2022

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MONDAY -  The Environmental Toll of Salt and Deicershilary in front of salt pile

Speakers: Bayley Wilmoth and Katie Cassidy

TUESDAY - We're Salting our Drinking Water

Speakers: Ken Bradbury

WEDNESDAY - Water Softener Salt Goes Where?

Speaker: Kathy Lake

THURSDAY - Let's Teach about Salt

Speaker: Lexi Passante and Kevin Anderson

FRIDAY - Salt Reduction Efforts across Wisconsin

Panel Discussion: Emil Juni (DOT), Cory Tietz (City of Eau Claire), Matt Maier (Envirosealers), and Katie Rademacher (Milwaukee Riverkeeper)


WI Salt Awareness Week 2022 Speakers:

Bayley headshot

Bailey Wilmoth, Doctoral Research Assistant, University of Toldeo and Lake Erie Center

  1. Bayley is a Ph.D. student at the University of Toledo in Dr. William Hintz’s lab. Her research focuses on the consequences of multiple-stressor interactions on the stability of freshwater communities. One of the stressors she is investigating is freshwater salinization.


Katie headshot

Katie Cassidy, Graduate Research Assistant, Natural Resources Research Institute University of Minnesota-Duluth

Katie is a Water Resources Science graduate student at the University of Minnesota-Duluth, where her research has investigated the environmental impacts of an alternative deicer. She is interested in water quality, freshwater salinization, and alternatives to chloride deicers.


Ken's headshot


Kenneth Bradbury, Director and State Geologist, Wisconsin Geological and Natural History Survey, Division of Extension, University of Wisconsin-Madison

Kenneth Bradbury is a hydrogeologist with 40 years of experience studying groundwater in Wisconsin.  He has been Wisconsin’s State Geologist since 2015.  Ken earned his PhD in Geology at UW-Madison, his M.S. in Geology at Indiana University, and his B.A. at Ohio Wesleyan University.


Kathy headshot

Kathy Lake, Pollution Prevention Manager, Madison Metropolitan Sewerage District

For nearly thirty years, Kathy's career has focused on improving Wisconsin's water. One of her duties at the District is managing the chloride source reduction program. As such, she convened the original group that became Wisconsin Salt Wise and continues to be one of its core champions. Kathy is a professional engineer and holds an MBA from UW-Madison


Lexi headshot

Lexi Passante, Graduate Research Asst, Univ. of Wisconsin-Milwaukee School of Freshwater Sciences

Lexi's research is focused on using the presence of salt-loving bacteria found in the Milwaukee River Basin sediment as an alternative way to determine chloride-impaired areas. She is developing interactive classroom activities through an online resource called Data Nuggets (https://datanuggets.org/about-nuggets-2/) where students can analyze the scientific data she collected in her research.


Kevin headshot


Kevin Anderson, PhD, Science Education Consultant, Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction

Kevin has served as the science education coordinator for the state of Wisconsin for over seven years. Previously, he taught middle school in Madison and California, and conducted education research at UW-Madison and Stanford. His goal is a more scientifically literate populace.




WI Salt Awareness Week 2021

Use the links below to access archived live streams of area experts diving into #thetruecostofsalt on our drinking water, pets, and freshwater ecosystems.

MONDAY - Salty Streams and Formerly Freshwater Lakes: An Ecosystem Perspective

Speakers: Hilary Dugan and Bill Hintz

TUESDAY - Be Salt Wise and Pet Smart

Speaker: Brian Ray

WEDNESDAY - Salt your Dinner, not our Drinking Water

Speakers: Amy Barrilleaux and Kevin Masarik

THURSDAY - Put your House/Business on a Low-Salt Diet

Speakers: Juan Lopez and Matthew Maier


Fortin Consulting

FRIDAY - Salt Reduction Champions

Video montage of successes from across the state.

WI Salt Wise Partnership: A coalition of organizations working together to reduce salt pollution in our lakes, streams and drinking water.