We need a Salt Wise Wisconsin!

1) Look up contact info for your legislators.

2) Use/modify the template letter below and let them know that freshwater matters to you!

Dear Representative/Senator [insert name],

Since the 1950s, we have been applying salt each winter to create safer traveling conditions. While we see the benefits of salt, we have disregarded its detrimental effects.

All the salt that we apply to pavement ends up in our lakes, streams and rivers through runoff and storm drains. Salt is a permanent pollutant. Once road salt enters our water, there is no practical way to remove it.

Road salt degrades water quality by contaminating drinking water, corroding pipes and leaching metals into our water. High levels of sodium are a danger to human health, especially for those with pre-existing conditions such as high blood pressure. Chloride is toxic to native freshwater species. Salt also damages vegetation and degrades soil.

Salt use costs the US $16-19 billion annually in damages to infrastructure like roads and bridges.

Yet the fear of liability drives the widespread overuse of salt.

Say No to Oversalting and

Yes to Freshwater!

Support Senate Bill 52/Assembly Bill 61!

A voluntary deicer applicator certification program will provide liability protection to those who receive training in best practices and demonstrate that they have done their due diligence.

Our current norms around salt use are not sustainable.

Please address the drivers of oversalting and protect our freshwater!


[Your name]

WI Salt Wise Partnership: A coalition of organizations working together to reduce salt pollution in our lakes, streams and drinking water.