Road Salt 101 for Wisconsin Towns and Villages
Event Dates
  • 03/02/2021 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm
Event Description

What:  A Zoom webinar overviewing the threat of salt pollution to our lakes, streams, and groundwater as well as practical approaches for smaller municipalities to optimize their use of road salt.

Content:  All the salt that we apply to our roads, driveways and parking lots ends up in our freshwater. Salt concentrations in Wisconsin surface and groundwater are increasing, threatening freshwater ecosystems and drinking water.  The adoption of winter maintenance best management practices enables 40-70% reductions in salt usage, saving small municipalities thousands of dollars. Optimal calibration of equipment is crucial. Use of brine or a pre-wetting strategy are two useful options. Learn more and hear success stories.

Presenter:  Allison Madison, Salt Wise Sustainability and Development Coordinator. WI Salt Wise is a coalition of organizations from across Wisconsin working together to reduce salt pollution in our lakes, streams and drinking water. Our primary goals are to: educate residents, leaders and winter maintenance professionals on salt pollution and solutions, provide training and promote best practices to reduce salt pollution and recognize contractors committed to using the right amount of salt for conditions.


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WI Salt Wise Partnership: A coalition of organizations working together to reduce salt pollution in our lakes, streams and drinking water.